WebFOCUS Training Videos

Vendor Training videos are here

The vendor training information is organized by software version. CSU is currently running on WebFOCUS release is 8.2.02

Finance/HR Training Videos

CSU Developed Training Videos

The videos below were created to match the classroom training available through CSU Training. Viewing all of these videos will fulfill the training requirement for access to WebFOCUS.

We recommend that you use the WebFOCUS training environment to accompany the videos. If you do not have an account in the training environment, please email us at is_dl_team_-_ods_and_bi@Mail.Colostate.edu with the Subject “WebFOCUS Training” so that we can create an account for you within the training environment.

Training is a requirement for access to WebFOCUS. If you’ve completed the training videos in-lieu of classroom training, please email us at is_dl_team_-_ods_and_bi@Mail.Colostate.edu using the Subject “WebFOCUS Training Complete” so that we know you have met the training requirement for WebFOCUS access.

The Training environment is available by going to the AAR page, click on Non-production Applications under Non-Production Applications and then WebFOCUS Test. You will login using your eID login.

Note: The videos are hosted with Microsoft Stream, an Office 365 product. If you’re prompted for a login to view the videos, use your CSU Office 365 login (ename@colostate.edu).

WebFOCUS Introduction: Login

WebFOCUS Navigation: Part 1

WebFOCUS Navigation: Part 2

Run and Edit a Report

Create a Report

Virtual Fields

Report Filters

Test and Run a Report

Report Headers and Footers

Subtotals and Line Breaks

Report Formatting

Report Outputs, Sharing, and Scheduling

Blank Line
Blank Line