Accessing WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS License Information

Licenses may be purchased in person at the RAMtech Office in the Lory Student Center OR
you can download the Special Order form at RAMTech and then Email to RAMtech will require that you include your ename, department number and account number to process the transaction. Please allow the administrator a couple of days following purchase to perform the WebFOCUS account activation.

License Costs: $125.00

Who needs a license? All campus personnel who expect to create and/or run reports within WebFOCUS will need to purchase a license. Each person is required to have their own license.

Who does not need a license? If a license holder creates and/or runs reports within WebFOCUS, they can choose to email reports to department heads or other personnel who do not have licenses. People without licenses will be able to view most emailed reports. As people create more advanced reports that offer drill down capabilities (ie. show summary high level and then drill down to details), the drill down report details will not be available to emailed non-license holders.

A license should be purchased annually and is valid until the end of the fiscal year

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WebFOCUS Data Access Requirements

Many of the WebFOCUS reports are built using data from the ODS which relies on ODS security. If you are new to WebFOCUS you’ll need to request access to the data area(s) you want to report on. For example, Finance, Student, and HR. You can do this through the Data Access Request form. For HR and Foundation requests, you’ll be prompted to enter the department code(s) for the data you’re requesting access to. i.e. Your access to HR and Foundation data will be limited to only the departments you list.

Once your form is submitted you can check its status on the form Progress page.

If you’re uncertain what your current permissions in the ODS are, you can view your ODS Information on the right-hand side of the ODS Data Dictionary.

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Now Can I Access WebFOCUS

Fingers crossed, you should be all set. You can find the link to WebFOCUS on the AAR page under Application Systems. If you do not have access to the system or unable to see data in your reports, please check:

  • That you have purchased your license from RamTech
  • That you have completed a WebFOCUS training class
  • That you have submitted an ODS Data Access Request form (
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Special Permissions Requests

If you need access to a specific ODS dataset that’s not included with one of the default roles above, you’ll need to fill out a PDAR request per the instructions below Private Data Access Request.

  • Select ODSPROD for the ‘Database’
  • Enter the details and justification in the ‘Justification’ box.
  • Check the ‘Statement of Use and Understanding’ box (after reading)
  • Check the applicable checkboxes for the type of data you’re requesting access to.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Sign the request

The request will be routed through the workflow for signatures, starting with your supervisor. Once your form is submitted you can check its status on your Pending Forms page.