Getting Started with WebFOCUS and Data

If you’re new to WebFOCUS, the first thing you’ll need (after a license) is data. The primary data source available in WebFOCUS is CSU’s ODS. The ODS hosts data from the Finance(Kuali), HR(Oracle EBS), Student(Banner), Foundation, Facilities, and Research Enterprise Systems. WebFOCUS is also connected to several college/departmental data sources hosted on Microsoft’s SQL Server.

As you create new reports in WebFOCUS the first thing you’ll be prompted for is data. Below is a list of commonly used data sources in each of the Enterprise Systems and where to find them from the “New Report” prompt within WebFOCUS. You can get more information about these and other ODS data sources in the ODS Data Dictionary.

A number of the data sources you’ll see have a “_bv” suffix. This stands for Business View and generally means that the Information Systems department has worked with a subject matter expert to provide something ‘extra’ in the Business View. One example of this is the combining of multiple sets of data into a view.


Finance data from the ODS is available in the /finance_bv and /finance folders. Access to Finance data requires the ODS role “Finance Data”, which can be requested here. The underlying finance data is stored either in the ODS or newer Finance Data Mart. The Finance Data Mart contains transaction level General Ledger data. It contains TEM data and a limited amount of ARVID data.

Common tables for Kuali Financial data

    • Contains transaction level details the Kuali Financial System. Contains a specific subset of fields from the Finance Data Mart
    • Contains finance data summarized and cumulative at the Fiscal Period level with pre-calculated fields for ‘Smart Dollars’. The cumulative is also across Fiscal Periods. For example, Fiscal Period 03 will include data from Fiscal Periods 01, 02, BB, and CB.
    • Combines data from the Finance Data Mart and PCard data for reporting on PCard transactions.


Human Resource data from the ODS is available in the /human_resources folder. Access to HR data requires the ODS role “Human Resources” along with Private Data Access for your department(s). Details about both of these security requirements can be found here.

Common tables for HR data

    • All active primary employee assignments including non-protected person-related information, current record only.
    • Basic information for all University departments
    • Education information as provided by the employee (includes the same population as CSUH_Current_Employee_Hist).


Student data from the ODS is available in the /student_bv and /student folders. Access to Student data requires the ODS role “Student Data”, which can be requested here.

Common Tables for Banner Student Data

    • Applicant information for all applications, including all student levels, for all active and future terms. Does not include records for previous (or “inactive”) terms.
    • Awards conferred. Deceased students are excluded from the view
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