Steve Juarez
June 7, 2018

WebFOCUS New Campus Reporting Tool

WebFOCUS will become available to campus on July 2, 2018 and canĀ  be accessed from

If you are currently an eThority user, you may not have direct access to ODS data and will need to use the link below to request access (ie. Student, HR, Research, Financials, Foundation, etc).

Please use this link for ODS Data Access .

Not all ODS data will be available July 2. Our primary objective was to offer a solution to replace eThority, so Finance data will be available. In addition, we have added a small set of Student (Aries) and HR data. We have sub-committees for Finance/HR and also Student to help prioritize the data that will get added to WebFOCUS.

You will need to complete a basic 2 hour training class prior to using WebFocus and you can use this link to view the class schedule. We will be adding July and August classes shortly.

Licenses can be purchased for FY 2019 at Ramtech. We are working with CAAG to determine a purchase price and this is still undetermined.

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