Steve Juarez
June 21, 2018

WebFOCUS License Costs

CAAG has agreed to the following pricing structure: $125.00 for all areas.

All licenses may be purchased in person at the Ramtech Office in Lory Student Center or you can download the Special Order form at RamTech and then Email to

Who needs a license? All campus personnel who expect to create and/or run reports within WebFOCUS will need to purchase a license. Each person is required to have their own license.

Who does not need a license? If a license holder creates and/or runs reports within WebFOCUS, they can choose to email reports to department heads or other personnel who do not have licenses. People without licenses will be able to view most emailed reports. As people create more advanced reports that offer drill down capabilities (ie. show summary high level and then drill down to details), the drill down report details will not be available to emailed non-license holders.

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