Steve Juarez
June 25, 2018

WebFOCUS available to Campus on July 2

Hi All,

WebFOCUS will be available to campus and should be accessed from AAR

For those of you that use the ODS, you will not see all of the data that you are used to using for reporting purposes. Our goal is to provide access to Finance, HR, and some Student data. We will be working with the Student subcommittee to build additional access to Student data. Please visit the website below to stay current with WebFOCUS and future announcements.

For those of you that use eThority, we have been working with VetMed to provide the core reporting capability that you are most familiar with. Please access the Central Reports folders for Finance and HR to see reports that have been built for everyone to share. We anticipate having 22 Finance reports and 9 HR reports, and currently offer a subset of these for July 2. Please use the link below for updates regarding additional reports.

WebFOCUS Info <-- WebFOCUSWeb Page

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