Josh Clark
December 8, 2016

Vista Plus Database Migration

Date/Time of Outage:    Sunday, December 10, 2016 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Reason for Outage:       Planned Production Maintenance:  –  Vista Plus

Affected Systems:      Vista Plus   

Unaffected Systems:     ARIES and related systems including: ARIESweb, RAMweb, Appman,

Banner Self Service (SSB), Banner application (INB),

RAMmobile, u.Achieve, u.Select,

Banner Job Submission,

Registration, Transcript Requests, FAMweb,

EMS Class Scheduling,

WebAuth, e-Identity


Kuali Coeus (KC), Kuali Financial System (KFS),



AAR (formerly CAP), FAMIS,            

Human Resources, Self-Service Human Resources, Time Clocks,

OSR systems including: Ledgers, PASS, PAIS, Vision, Commitment

Research Information System (aka Research Ledgers and Billing),


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