Alper Karslioglu
February 11, 2020

Chrome issue with Kuali Shop Catalogs starting on Feb. 17th.

Campus users who use the Chrome browser, may see errors when using Shop Catalogs in Kuali Financials starting on Feb. 17th.  Chrome version 80 contains changes to cookie settings that some Shop Catalog vendors have not handled.  Users may see blank pages, unavailable buttons, or error messages.


Until Shop Catalog vendors update their websites, campus users will need a workaround to use Shop Catalogs in Kuali Financials.  Workarounds are:


  1. Use the Firefox browser for Kuali Financials.  This browser seems to work well with most Shop Catalog vendors and  with Kuali Financials.
  2. Disable the new SameSite cookie restriction in Chrome by typing the following in the Chrome Address bar.



How to test the new Chrome update prior to February 17?

Type Chrome://flags in the Google Chrome Address bar, and enable the options below, then Relaunch the browser to apply the changes.

  •   SameSite by default cookies
  •  Cookies without SameSite must be secure


Additional Resources:

  • Click herefor more information about setting SameSite cookie
  • Click herefor more information about Chrome changes

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