Alper Karslioglu
October 3, 2018

Updates to the ARIES Student Information System!

The primary application that makes up the ARIES Student Information System (also known as Banner), is receiving a significant upgrade! While the transition process has been ongoing for a few years, with components supporting faculty grade entry launching in Summer 2015, and student registration and class schedule available in Summer 2017, beginning October 1, 2018, faculty and staff users can access the new ARIES Administrative Pages via ARIESweb.

Not sure if you use the ARIES Administrative Pages? If terms like SFASRPO, SOAHOLD, or TWARBUS sound familiar, you’ve been using the ARIES system, and will be affected by this upgrade.

New Experience & Impact to Campus Users

Campus users of ARIES can expect to perform their same business processes, but using a new, sleek, and modern interface. After logging into ARIESweb, users will use the “ARIES Access” link, and will seamlessly be redirected to the new ARIES Administrative Pages. These pages have a cleaner look, and have been optimized for web and mobile use.

This new upgrade also eliminates the need for Java applet or using only one specific browser. While Google Chrome is our recommended browser, moving forward, any modern web browser will be able to support working in ARIES Administrative Pages.

The current interface for ARIES will be remain available side-by-side through mid-November. Thereafter, it will only be available for those users who perform updates in SCAIT.

Timeline, Review, Contacts

  • October 1, 2018 – Access to the new ARIES Administrative Pages will be available in ARIESweb
  • October 15, 2018 – Users are encouraged to begin using the new ARIES Administrative Pages exclusively
  • November 19, 2018 – Access to the “old” version of ARIES will be restricted to SCAIT
  • December 20, 2018 – SCAIT will transition to the “new” version of ARIES

Departments responsible for each module of ARIES will announce training sessions to your email:

Module Responsible Department Contact
TWARBUS Accounts Receivable Janet Fox
SOAHOLD // SFASRPO // SWAGPCE Office of the Registrar Matt Smith
SGASPRT // SHATCMT // SOATEST Office of the Registrar Jamie Yarbrough
SCAIT // SWASINS Institutional Research Tyson Koss

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