Bill Gargan
March 5, 2015

Ten Step Project Management Training

The Information Systems Department has partnered with TenStep®, Inc.
to obtain project management training and a standard methodology for planning and managing complex technology projects.

Information Systems goal is to train all of its staff in project management using the TenStep’s® flagship project management class.
It is also our goal to provide training opportunities in this project management methodology to our stakeholders and other colleagues in the
CSU campus community.

Many of the standard processes the IS Department has defined to manage projects and related work activities are modeled
after the TenStep Project Management Process®. Essentially this process is a methodology, or step-by-step approach, for managing work as a project.
For example, once the initial scope of a project has been defined there is a standard process to follow to evaluate subsequent proposed changes to
the scope. The value of using a methodology like TenStep® is that it helps ensure consistency in how projects are managed, and is scalable according
to the size and complexity of the project.

If you are interested in an opportunity to participate in this training, please contact the IS office for more information and the schedule for the training.
The class is limited to 25 participants. No training is currently being scheduled.

2 responses to “Ten Step Project Management Training”

  1. Akiko says:

    I am interested in getting a project management training.

    • Libby Chang says:

      Hi Akiko, Thank you for your comment. There is no 10 Step training planned for the near future.

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