Shawn Baker
July 3, 2018

Systems downtime this Sunday, July 8 2018

This is to notify you of a systems downtime instance that will be occurring this weekend.

Date/Time of Outage:    Sunday, July 8, 2018 6:00am – 6:00pm

Reason for Outage:       Critical maintenance and upgrades of network infrastructure in the data centers

There will be multiple, brief (5-10 minute) interruptions during the maintenance window.

DNS, Campus Cloud, DHCP, VOIP, WiFi, centrally provided web services, and authentication services will be interrupted.


Affected enterprise applications listed below will be unavailable throughout the maintenance window:

Affected Systems:         ARIES and related systems including:

Banner application (INB & Admin Pages), Banner Self Service (SSB),

Banner Job Submission, Banner Workflow, BDMS,

A/R Payment Processing, Registration, Transcript Requests,

RAMmobile (student functions such as grades, courses, & notifications),

ARIESweb, RAMweb, u.Achieve, u.Select, eIdentity, FAMweb,


Also – OSR Ledgers, PASS, and Commitment,

Housing RMS, FAMIS, Applications Manager, Vista Plus

EMS Class Scheduling

ODS, Human Resources, Self-Service Human Resources,

Kuali Financial System (KFS), Kuali Coeus (KC)


Unaffected Systems:     TimeClock Plus, Canvas, Office365, and other off campus resources will generally not be affected.

However, since central DNS and authentication services are affected, access to these services may be impacted.

2 responses to “Systems downtime this Sunday, July 8 2018”

  1. Josh Clark says:

    The network maintenance is complete, Information Systems has started work to restore applications.

  2. Josh Clark says:

    Thank you for your patience, all systems are back up and available for use.
    Maintenance was successfully finished.

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