Lucas Capasso
December 3, 2021

System Downtime: Sunday, Dec 5th

This is to notify you of systems downtime instances that will be occurring Sunday. Please note the approximate downtimes of each system and coordinate your work around the needed maintenance windows. We apologize for the late notice.

Affected Systems:        Transcript Requests, uAchieve, Transferology

Reason for Outage:       Application of 4th Quarter Operating System Patches

Time of Outage:            Sunday, December 5th 7:00am – 8:00am

Affected Systems:        Human Resources, Self-Service Human Resources

Reason for Outage:       Migration to VMWare

Time of Outage:            Sunday, December 5th 8:00am – 2:00pm

Unaffected Systems:    Banner Admin Pages, Banner Self Service (SSB),

Banner Job Submission, Banner Workflow, BDMS,

A/R Payment Processing, Registration, ODS,

RAMmobile (functions such as grades, courses, & notifications),

ARIESweb, RAMweb, FAMweb,

eIDentity (creation or edits), MyHousing (new student applications for housing)

TimeClock Plus, Kuali Financial System (KFS), Kuali Research (KR),

OSR Ledgers and Commitment, Applications Manager, Vista Plus,

Canvas, EMS Class Scheduling

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