Josh Clark
July 28, 2016

Switch/Firewall Upgrade 7/30 and 7/31

This weekend, maintenance will be performed on IS switches and firewalls.

Here are the outage times:

Saturday 7/30:  7:30am to 12pm

Sunday 7/31:  8:00am to 12pm, may need until 4pm.

Work being performed on Saturday should be transparent, though you may experience delays or short outages during the work window.

All IS systems will be unavailable on Sunday during the maintenance window.  (Banner, HR, HR Self-Service, Time Clocks, Web Time Clocks, Kuali Applications, Applications Manager, and ODS)


Web Applications (RamWeb, Aries Web, Admissions Web, AR Web, etc) connecting to our databases(BANPROD, ODSPROD, etc) will lose connectivity.  It is recommended to shut down those applications during the window.

Notifications will be sent out when the work is complete, applications can be restarted at this point.

5 responses to “Switch/Firewall Upgrade 7/30 and 7/31”

  1. Josh Clark says:

    The Saturday Maintenance is complete. All IS services should be restored and operating normally. Thank you for your patience!

  2. Josh Clark says:

    Kuali and RamMobile have been shutdown. Firewall changes will begin shortly.

  3. Josh Clark says:

    The firewall has been migrated, applications can be restarted at this point.

  4. Josh Clark says:

    Application testing is going very well. KFS, RamMobile and all IS applications are back on line. WE will give an all clear at 1:00pm when external stakeholders have verified their connections are working.

  5. Josh Clark says:

    All maintenance for the weekend is complete. All applications are operational. Thanks for your patience!

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