Rami Jalal
August 15, 2017

RAMmobile 2.0

RAMmobile 2.0, the centralized mobile application for Colorado State University

RAMmobile 2.0 currently in stores

Check out the new app when it is available by clicking here:

iOS (iPhone)

This is the second generation of RAMmobile, which was built to adapt to the rapid change in the way students, faculty, staff, and guests are dealing with mobile apps.

The new framework will allow us to personalize the services offered by the app based on the user. For now, we are classifying the services based on two profiles, Guests, and University Members (Students, Faculty and Staff). The number of profiles offered will increase over time, examples will be like Student/Alumni/Applicant/Faculty/Staff.

Features and Services

RAMmobile 2.0 is Tile based. Each Tile represents a service.

Below are the services that are being offered to students, and more services will be offered over time:


A student can check all the courses registered; that includes: Course location, time and instructor. If the course is graded, the grade will be included.

Weekly Schedule:

The courses a student is attending or going to attend, focusing on the Date / Time, so he/she can add them to their calendar.


Final grades in the student system for all the courses a student took at CSU that have been graded.
Canvas Integration:

A student can get quick, up-to-date information about each of their courses in canvas, and will have direct access to their full Canvas profile and assignments. The app also gives the student a live look at their assignment schedule, so he/she knows what to do next.


Enables students to Search the Library resources, check their account information, and provides links to useful information like Hours and Frequent Questions, and more.

Below are the services that are being offered to students and guests, more services will be offered over time:

CSU Map:

Our new map provides the fastest route to any campus location, from buildings to athletics facilities to parking. Trying to find an administrative office? Highlight buildings that only deal with administration. New to campus? Scroll through a handy category/location list to find dining options, campus services, student buildings and more.


Looking for someone around campus? The updated directory for students, faculty and staff will get you the information you need, from email addresses to office numbers.

Campus News:

Latest CSU news all in one place. Subscribe to any specific feed you like, and start scrolling through the related news.


You’ll never again have to fear you’re missing out on something around CSU. We’ve added a tile to keep students informed on upcoming events happening on campus. Click on a specific event for more detailed information.


Get a live look at what’s happening on campus with feeds for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

Visit CSU:

Select the Guest profile in the app for a detailed visitor’s guide to CSU and beyond. Quick tips help you navigate campus, find parking and contact information and explore what Fort Collins has to offer.

Stay Safe:

A list of all Emergency numbers and a quick access to campus contacts.

Tell us what you think:

We’re always looking to improve the app. If there is anything that could be improved or new features you’d like to see, please let us know. The app has several feedback choices built in — make your voice heard!

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  1. Dustin Vinzant says:

    I work for the Police Department and wanted to update some of the information pertaining to the emergency numbers tile specifically the Safewalk/Ramride. The Safewalk number is 491-1155 and the Ramride number 491-3333.

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