What is the Operational Data Store (ODS)?

The Operational Data Store is a repository of data from several sources of Colorado State University data. These data sources include the following systems:

  • Banner
  • CSU Foundation
  • Famis – Facilities
  • General Directory
  • Human Resources
  • Kuali – Kuali Financial Systems (KFS)
  • Sponsored Research – Kuali Coeus (KC)

The data from these systems are categorized into ODS roles. These roles are:

  • Accounts Receivable (ARIES_AR_DEPT)
  • Financial Data (FINANCIAL_REPORTING)
  • General Directory (WEID_QUERY)
  • Human Resources (HR_DEPT_LEVEL_ACCESS)
  • Research Data (RESEARCH_DATA_DEPT)
  • Student Data (ARIES_STUDENT_DEPT)
  • Facilities Data (FACILITIES REPORTING)

The data in the ODS is maintained by the ODS team in the Information Systems department.