Student Data Reports Already Available

Please read FERPA Policies prior to accessing Student Data

Aries Web contains many Student Data reports that may meet your needs:
Login To Aries Web – Login

ARIESweb access requires approval from your supervisor and the Division of Enrollment and Access. If you do not already have full ARIESweb access (the link you wish to access is grayed out or does not appear), you can request it after you login by using the ‘start here with the online approval process’ link at the top of the screen.

Helpful pre-written reports can be found in ARIESweb using the Department-Specific Data link under the Staff Tools section. This link includes reports that can be run based on your College or Department information using quick drop down lists.

Another tool available is called RamSelect and it is in the General Tools section. RamSelect uses the ODS tables and views, but does not require you to know a Query language as it will do the table/view joins for you. Available tables and views are limited, but RamSelect does provide access to some of the more frequently requested reports and the flexibility to select certain data you want on the report.