How should I get started?

  • Usage of student data is restricted under FERPA guidelines. These guidelines require a need to know for educational purposes and information about students cannot be shared without a signed statement from the student.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Operational Data Store (ODS) and the Data Dictionary in order to determine the types of data you will need access to.
  • The most commonly-used views have been organized into roles. You can request access to these through AAR, then clicking on the “Data Access Request” link. If you need access to additional views, consult with your Data Steward in order to determine which views should be requested and then please complete the form in order to be granted access to data that you need.
  • Once access has been granted, you next need to install software/configure your computer in order to connect to ODS. There are many tools that you can use to access ODS. Please see “What software will I need to connect to/query ODS” below for further information.