Example Student Query

Below are links to help you with a sample query using an ODS reporting view CSUS_CRN_INFO (Course Reference Number).

If you are already using Excel or Access to query ODS, then you will not need to setup an ODBC connection.
If not, then you will need to follow the instructions for Installing ODBC so that you can use Microsoft Excel or Access to query the ODS data warehouse.

MS Query is a tool that comes with Excel and the Banner_Course_Query_Instructions will guide you through this tool.

The link for Demo Query will download CRN_DEMO.zip.  Unzip then double click CRN_DEMO.dqy (will launch MS Query tool).

Excel spreadsheet Banner_Course_Reference is an example spreadsheet that contains the exported results (data) from the query.

Referenced Links:
Instructions for Installing ODBC
Demo Query: CSUS_CRN_INFO (Course Reference Number)
Banner_Course_Reference (exported results)