Developer Tools

Developer Tools to Access ODS Data Warehouse

Although Information Systems supports the central ODS platform, many campus departments support their own internal IT platforms that utilize data from the ODS.

There are two predominant types of access to the ODS via reporting, query and ETL tools:

  1. Microsoft ODBC client connection
  2. Oracle sqlnet client connection (uses tnsnames)

Although there are numerous query tools in existence, they generally fall into two categories of commercial products that require licensing fees or open source/free tools. We will include several of the tools that we are aware of at our institution.


  • Visual Studio (.net) that also has an Express (free) version (requires ODBC connection)
  • PL/SQL developer – AllRound Automation
  • TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers) – Dell software
  • SQL Plus Command Line client – Oracle Client software

Free / Open Source

  • Oracle – Oracle SQL Developer Software