Bill Gargan
March 5, 2015

Leadership Training

The Information Systems Department, in collaboration with the Training and Organizational Development office here at
CSU, is sponsoring and offering Leadership training annually base on Stephen Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly
Effective People”.

Information Systems’ vision is to be a leader in providing services to the CSU community and is
committed to each of its staff members being leaders in that effort. Toward that goal, this partnership was formed to
provide IS staff with the training they need to start them on their own personal leadership journey, and we offer this
opportunity to our stakeholders and others at CSU to take this training with us.

This training opportunity is offered once a year. It lasts for three days and has been very well received by those in IS and those from other areas.
The class is limited to 25 participants. No training is currently being scheduled.

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