Libby Chang
November 2, 2019

KFS and KC Are Now Available

CSU Community –

The upgrade of Kuali Financials has completed Successfully.  The Financial and Research systems are up and running and available for campus use.  Congratulations to our technical team (IS and ACNS/Telecom), BFS/Research and functional testers for a successful upgrade!

Below are known issues:

  • Issue 1: Printing from Internet Explorer/Edge does not work consistently.  Kuali Inc. knows about this and there is not currently a fix planned.  The best alternative if you are using IE or Edge is to use the export to Excel option for printing or to switch to Mozilla Firefox or Chrome as your preferred browser for Kuali Financials.
  • Issue 2: Budget Construction will not be available until January 2020.  A notification will be sent out once Budget Construction is available for use.
  • Issue 3: If you try to access KFS with an existing bookmark or old link you will get an error on the KFS home page (see below), however the menu system on the left will still work as expected.  It would be best if you go to the AAR page and bookmark the KFS system after the upgrade to avoid the display of the below string.
  • Issue 4: KFS screen appears to have some of the prior version formatting.  Your screen will look like a combination of Version 6 and Version 7.  A hard refresh of your browser is needed.  Use the below image to find the correct key sequence for your browser and operating system.

If you encounter any functionality errors or issues, please email   Thank you for your support during this upgrade!


Best regards,

Candace Ramsey, MBA MSSE

IT Manager – Information Systems

Kuali Financial System, Web Services, Automation

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