Josh Clark
January 24, 2017

HR Single Sign On is Returning

IS would like to express our appreciation for your support as we worked through issues with single sign on over the last few months.

We are happy to announce a solution that will re-enable single sign on for the HR Application!

Beginning Friday Morning (1/27/2017), the HR application will utilize Shibboleth (ename and password) for authentication, just like it was before the upgrade.

HR will no longer require a special link for first time users, the link will be removed from AAR.


The change will be completely transparent and you can access HR the same way you currently do through the AAR web site.


Again, the IS department would like to thank you for your continued support as we worked through this issue, including the work around of managing your own password.  We hope this solution simplifies your work and access to HR information.



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