Banner Product Versions, Database Clone Dates and Freeze Periods

Product Versions

Clone Dates from PROD

Target Last Clone Last Clone Purpose Next Clone Next Clone Purpose
TEST 20-SEP-2021 Test Banner 2021 Q2 7-Feb-2022 Install/test Banner 2021 Q4
DEVL 13-OCT-2021 Banner 2021 Q2 2-MAR-2022 Deploy Banner 2021 Q4
FAID 3-NOV-2021 Finaid 22-23 Testing 8-MAR-2022 Deploy Banner 2021 Q4
UPGD 8-NOV-2021 Migrate off Exadata 25-APR-2022 Banner 2022 Q1 Upgrade
PPRD 25-OCT-2021 Banner 2021 Q2 1-MAR-2022 Deploy Banner 2021 Q4
JBP1 03-SEP-2019 For JBP project None planned
CONV 7-OCT-2021 For training None planned

Banner Change Freeze Periods

  • Spring 2022
    • 13-21 January (Start of Term – IT Division)
    • 22-24 January (Start of Term – Banner only)
    • 2-7 February (Census – Banner only)
    • 2-8 May (Finals/Grades – Banner only)
    • 9-20 May (Finals/Grades – IT Division)
  • IT Division – Standard Schedule
    • Start of Term
      • Starts Thursday, before the start of classes
      • Ends Friday after the start of classes
    • Finals/Grades 
      • Starts Monday of finals week
      • Ends Friday after grades submitted

Last updated: 1/6/2022