Robin Wright
May 7, 2020

Campus Community

Campus Community

Last night there was an issue with the batch schedule completing.  Due to this problem, it is necessary to remove access to KFS so that we can move forward with the batch schedule that did not complete and get the necessary transactions posted properly.  This means that any current financial reporting out of the ODS today, will not be reflective of the work done in the past 24 hours.  Due to the disruption to campus that can be caused by refreshing the ODS data during the workday, the ODS refresh will not be caught up until tonight’s batch schedule runs.


We anticipate the outage of KFS to be between 2-3 hours, however we will notify when operations return to normal and you can log into KFS.  Access to KFS will be shutdown starting at 10:45 AM.  We ask that you finish any work that you are currently doing in KFS and log out in order to avoid any loss of work.


Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

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