Josh Clark
February 15, 2016

Campus Administrative Portal (CAP) Replacement Friday 2/19/2016

Important Announcement:

The Campus Administrative Portal (CAP), will be replaced with a new Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) page on Friday, 2/19/2016.  CAP will not be available after this date.

Why is CAP being replaced with a new Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) page?

CAP has been built with a technology that has become outdated, and the IS Department has been working to replace it.  Recently an issue with the security certificate that CAP uses was discovered and it was determined the best course of action was to accelerate the replacement of CAP by Friday, 2/19/16.   Also, as you may know Central IT has been transitioning to Shibboleth as our standard authentication method to connect to application systems.  Replacing CAP is part of the transition from using CAP-based authentication to our standard Shibboleth authentication and Single-Sign-On (SSO) capability.

As with CAP, the new Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) page will provide a convenient location for administrative systems users to access central applications from.  A new feature of the AAR page is that it supports use by mobile devices.

How will the transition be made from CAP to the new AAR page?

As noted above, CAP will be replaced with the new AAR page on Friday, 2/19/2016.  After this date users will be automatically redirected from CAP to the AAR page.  The IS Department is working with our stakeholder areas on the transition from CAP to AAR, and our top priority is to make sure that AAR is working properly and enables users to access the systems they need.  If you do encounter problems or have questions, please call the main IS Department number at 491-5491.

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