Bill Gargan
January 1, 2014

Article – What’s the status of your project

What’s the Status of Your Project?

Information Systems is soon rolling out a new way of managing service requests and projects to its stakeholders and the University community.  IS adopted “Ten Step Methodologies” for managing projects several years ago and has been training a portion of its staff every year to prepare them the transition.

Along with the training a team of IS staff have been working on the implementation of project management that will culminate with the implementation of a project management tool tailored for higher education.    TeamDynamixHE is the vendor we are partnering with to support our project management efforts.

Speaking of partners, we have picked up a few other along the way as Academic Computing and Network Services, Telecommunications, the IT area of the College of veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences, and the Registrar’s Office have also joined with IS to implement its project management processes.  There will soon be three other areas joining the partnership as well.

The methods and processes being used will provide transparency, on time delivery of projects, and projects that are delivered under budget.  As a stakeholder you will be able to log into the project management system and view all of the projects that have been requested for your area and be able to drill down to see progress and schedules for any of these projects.  You will be able to send questions and make suggestions to the project manager for any of these projects.

Speaking of project managers all of our team leaders in IS will be project managers.  We also have 6 certified project managers on our staff and expect to have more in the future as we continue our journey with project management. Another component of our project management implementation is the inclusion of a change management process. Stakeholders will be notified in advance for all normal changes to any of the systems we support.  Included in the notification will an invitation to our change management meeting where all pending changes will be review and the schedule approved.  This will be the opportunity to ask questions and bring to light rationale for postponements if the change conflicts with important and critical processes that have not been considered in the schedule.

I am looking forward to the changes coming and our ability to serve CSU better.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Bob Engmark,  1-7758.

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