Josh Clark
December 1, 2016

Application Manager Database Migration

Date/Time of Outage:    Sunday, December 4, 2016 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon


Reason for Outage:       Planned Production Maintenance:  –  Applications Manager (Appman)

Affected Systems:        Appman 

                                             Note: During the downtime noted above, Appman processes will not be running nor can users access the system.



Unaffected Systems:     ARIES and related systems including: ARIESweb, RAMweb,

Banner Self Service (SSB), Banner application (INB),

RAMmobile, u.Achieve, u.Select,

Banner Job Submission,

Registration, Transcript Requests, FAMweb,

EMS Class Scheduling,

WebAuth, e-Identity


Kuali Coeus (KC), Kuali Financial System (KFS),



Vista Plus, AAR (formerly CAP), FAMIS,            

Human Resources, Self-Service Human Resources, Time Clocks,

OSR systems including: Ledgers, PASS, PAIS, Vision, Commitment

Research Information System (aka Research Ledgers and Billing),

2 responses to “Application Manager Database Migration”

  1. Josh Clark says:

    Due to unforeseen issues, the migration will need to be rolled back. IS will work to correct the issue and migrate on another day.
    Appman will be available later this afternoon.
    More info to come.

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