Getting Started with Finance Data and WebFOCUS

What is the Finance Data Mart?

The Finance Data Mart is a new reporting data source with Finance Data. It contains transaction level General Ledger data. It does not contain TEM data and has a limited amount of ARVID data.

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What table(s) should I be using in DWFIN?

  • GL Trans Master
    • Contains transaction level details with pre-calculated fields for ‘Smart Dollars’. Contains a specific subset of fields from the Finance Data Mart
  • GL Object Summary
    • Contains finance data summarized and cumulative at the Fiscal Period level. The cumulative is also across Fiscal Periods. For example, Fiscal Period 03 will include data from Fiscal Periods 01, 02, BB, and CB.
  • A new Business View is going to be developed that makes all the Finance Data Mart fields available. This will contain the same level of detail as the G/L Trans Master table along with all the columns that are available in the Finance Data Mart.
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