The following reports have been identified as core Finance and HR reports to be shared by all Colleges and Administrative Units. Status Date: 10/12/2018

Completed Reports
Current FY Budget Summary by Account
Monthly Transactions for previous month
Current FY Fund Balance Summary by Account Template
Current FY Fund Balance Summary with Drill Down
FY2018 Fund Balance Summary by Account Template
Continuation Accounts (200xxxx) for Current Year
Maintenance Agreements (6602) and Service Agreements (6802) – Current Fiscal year
Computer Hardware/Software (6225) Trigger Report – RECHAR Accounts
Transaction Active Search
Reports Completed/Need Approval
Automatic Charges Report (Daily)
Foundation Report Including Gifts and Transfers for Current Period
Reports in Progress
Monthly Financial Statement
Open PO Report – Working with Purchasing
P-Card Auto Approved Document by FY
P-Card Document Enroute Status by FY
Official Functions by P-Card Holder, Trans Description – Current Fiscal year
Salary Clearing (16 and 53) for Encumbrances and Actuals for Current Fiscal Year
Carry Forward – Budget Accounts
Carry Forward – Fund Balance
Completed HR Reports
Staffing by Employee
Employee Directory – ID’s, Classification, Title, Position #, Salary
Employees/Students with Appointment End Dates in the Current Month
Employee Groups, Job Titles, Names and Current Salaries
I9 Expiration Dates with the current year
Employees on Salary Default Account by Month
Supplemental pay by Employee Name
Supervisor Listing for all Active Employees
Employee Headcount by Department (Excludes Student and Non Student Hourlies)