Security Forms

The forms and information on this page will be moving to the Electronic Forms page at the end of March.

Access Requests for the CSU data repository (ODS):

  1. To request an account and basic access to ODS, use this application:  Data Access Request
  2. If you need additional access to more restricted data, such as non-public HR data, use this form:  Private Data Access Request
  3. If you are an administrator and need to remove someone’s access to ODS use:  Disable Data Access Request

On-line Routing Requests

View in-process Requests

Data Authority

Data Area Data Authority Email
Student Systems Chris Seng Christopher.Seng@ColoState.EDU
Human Resource Systems Nick Cummings
Financial Systems David Ryan
Facilities Systems Tom Satterly
General Directory Chris Seng and/or
Nick Cummings
Sponsored Research Systems Pam Harrington
CSU Foundation Systems Lynn Johnson Lynn.Johnson@ColoState.EDU
Information Systems Bob Engmark