Electronic Forms

CSU uses Dynamic Forms, a Next Gen Web Solutions product, for providing electronic forms to the CSU community.  Electronic forms provide a web-based form, automated approval routing, and electronic signatures.  Forms can be pre-filled with CSU data to reduce error and require less typing.

Click here for general instructions on using CSU electronic forms.  Individual forms will contain links to form specific instructions.

To fill out and submit an electronic form, click the link of the desired form below.

  • If you are a form reviewer and will be out of the office for an extended period of time, please contact the Information Systems Help Desk at is_support_-_scheduling@Mail.Colostate.edu or by phone at (970) 491-1375 so we can direct forms to an alternate reviewer during your absence.

List of Electronic Forms

Access Requests for the CSU data repository (ODS):

Other Forms

Supplemental Pay

Vista Plus Access Request

Data Steward Authorization Request

Data Governance

Data Stewards

Data Stewards are responsible for oversight of the Data Users under their authority.  This includes approving and removing access to data based on business needs.

View the List of ODS Data Stewards

Data Authorities

Data authorities ensure processes are in place to collect appropriate data for University purposes while safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.  This table lists Data Authorities and their respective area of responsibility.

Data Area Data Authority Email
Student Systems Chris Seng Christopher.Seng@ColoState.EDU
Human Resource Systems Nick Cummings Nick.Cummings@colostate.edu
Financial Systems David Ryan David.Ryan@colostate.edu
Facilities Systems Tom Satterly Tom.Satterly@colostate.edu
General Directory Chris Seng and/or
Nick Cummings
Sponsored Research Systems Pam Harrington pam.HARRINGTON@ColoState.edu
CSU Foundation Systems Lynn Johnson Lynn.Johnson@ColoState.EDU
Information Systems Bob Engmark Bob.Engmark@colostate.edu