Director’s Page

Bob Engmark, Director – Information Systems

Robert (Bob) Engmark joined Colorado State University as the Director of Information Systems in November 2010. In this position he oversees the activities of 40+ staff responsible for institutional level administrative business systems. Oversight includes strategic direction insuring these systems are contemporary in functionality, cost effective, and easily maintainable. Additionally he is responsible for strategic direction of IT on campus as it relates to:

  • Administrative systems
  • Business and student analytics
  • Predictive learning analytics
  • System replacement strategies
  • Security: physical & electronic
  • Project management (primary focus on budget, resource management and vendor relations)
  • State & internal mandates (COF, supplemental tuition, etc.)

Bob has over thirty-five years’ experience in the management and executive management levels of Information Technology in Higher Education, including prior positions at Michigan State University, the University of Louisville, and Grand Rapids Community College.