System Status and Maintenance

Dawn McIntosh
November 16, 2017

Systems downtime this Sunday, November 19 2017

This is to notify you of a systems downtime instance that will be occurring this weekend. Date/Time of Outage:    Sunday, November 19, 2017 8:00am – 11:00am Reason for Outage:       Planned Production Maintenance:  Oracle quarterly database patches Affected Systems:         OSR Ledgers, PASS, and Commitment, Housing RMS, FAMIS, Applications Manager, Vista Plus   Unaffected Systems:     ARIES and […]

Dawn McIntosh
October 13, 2017


Good Morning, Information Systems will be applying the Q3 Patch to the Oracle HR System this Sunday from approximately 8:00am – 9:00am.  The HR system will not be available during that time. Have a great weekend and enjoy the homecoming festivities! Thanks, Josh SCHEDULED OUTAGE FOR:                   Oracle HR system DATE/TIME:                                                10/15/2017 8:00 AM DURATION:                                                 Approximately […]


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Upcoming Major Upgrades and Data Migrations

Information Systems is beginning to put together a migration schedule from the current IBM servers to new Dell servers. The dates for these moves is below. These are tentative dates and this site should be checked on a regular basis to see changes or confirmation of the scheduled moves.

Production AIX to Linux migration target dates at a glance

i. Banner

      • Database tier (BANPROD) – 6/18-19
      • Application tier – TBD

ii. ODS

      • ODSPROD (include upgrade to 8.5) – 6/18-19
      • Related: Termination date of Discoverer – 6/18

iii. Kuali

      • Database tier (KFSPROD) – 6/4-5 – completed
      • Application tier – targeting 10/15-16

iv. HR

      • Database tier (HRPROD) – 6/25-26
      • Application tier – targeting 9/17-18


      • Database tier – TBD
      • Application tier – TBD

vi. Applications Manager (incl VistaPlus)

      • Database tier – 12/2016
      • Application tier – TBD